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Poem # 3 Onomatopoeia poem

She got mad. A little to mad. Just a little to much. When she raised her hand I knew. It hit me. HARD, it hurt. SMACK! The bruise is something I can hide, for now. Again, With a metal rod. WOOSH! CRACK. My back hurts. My vision blurs. I’m gone. For now. What happens when I come back.

Poem #2 Letter Poem

Dear Grandpa Derick By Alyssa Samuels I miss you. I hope your doing well. We all miss you alot. Grandma is doing good. Baby Makenzie is doing good. I bet you already knew this.  I write grandma letters. Show her my art. Hope your doing good. I’ll see you one day.

Week # 10 Time to Say Goodbye.

         I wrote six blog posts this blogging challenge. I got fifteen comments in all on my blog. My post the recieved the most comments was my week one I am post. I think it got the most comments was because that was my first blog and my mentor commented on it.    I the post I most enjoyed writing was my images and sounds poem. I loved writing about.. Read More

Poem #1 – Week #1 Poetry 101

Poison Ivy Why? When? How? A Easel. I couldn’t have a hamster, Everything. My friend is moving. Black, Purple, Magenta,cat, Catastrophic, Blue, Black, Magenta, Magma. Teddy Bear. Blanket, Alarm, Clock. How was school? Are you ok? Hi?

Week #9 Italy And Greece :)

For this week post I am going to talk about how I am going to Italy and Greece. By the end of my freshman year we will be going ( I am in seventh grade). I cant wait wait I would really like to see is the Colosseum. The Colosseum had seating for more than 50,000 spectators, who may have been arranged according to social ranking but were most likely packed into the space.. Read More

Cupcakes are popular in the USA. There is a show for people to go on and make cupcakes. The show is called Cupcake Wars. I love watching that show and many like it like DC Cupcakes. Whats your favorite kind of cupcakes? Do you have more than one favorite flavor? The reason I chose cupcakes was because they are very popular. We have cupcakes all the time for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions… Read More

Week#8 Game Time

Kimmo de Gooijer via Compfight Hi for game time I went to Francescas blog I really liked her week eight post. She talked about monopoly. There were some cool crazy facts. I loved it because of the way she worded everything. I also visited a girl named Graces blog. I loved her blog about chess. I love chess I love it because its a really good thinking game. She had some very interesting.. Read More

Week #5 Images and Sounds poem

  Magic Box By Alyssa Samuels I am a magic box, I change you never know what’s inside. I wonder why I always change what I am. I hear things changing. I seen a butterfly changing. I want be free. I am a magic box,I change and you never know what’s inside.   I hide my feelings and act a certain way. I feel emotions bubbling up. I can touch the box but.. Read More

Week#2 Commenting Post

Hi it’s Alyssa I checked out a friends post her name is kaylee. In her post she talks about herself. What I like about her post Is she is not afraid to be herself. She writes about the things she likes and you should go check kaylee out.  I also checked out a girl named Belle’s post she talked about her avatar. She also talked about how it looked and I think she.. Read More

Week#1 I am……..

        Hello i’m Alyssa Mariah; this an update on my avatar. I chose my avatar to look like this because it’s unique like me. I love it because it has my two favorite colors and my black hair. The site I used is called Chibi Maker. It really has a lot of cool stuff to make your avatar. I also loved it because it had a variety of accessories to chose.. Read More

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